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Fearfully and Wonderfully Created

Creating Value.

When I was a high school teacher, my greatest crusade was to give value to my students. I loved being able to listen and engage with them on what was affecting their lives. Sometimes we can get caught up on the negative and in doing so devalue ourselves and forget that we matter.

Colt Boone and His Mother Frances Boone

You Matter.

We forget our value because we forget who made us. God created us in His image and redeemed us through His Son so that we can know without a doubt that we are fearfully and wonderfully created, therefore we must fearfully and wonderfully create. In creating we are able to truly recognize our value because we can test and challenge our creativity by pressing in on who's image we are created in.

“We are fearfully and wonderfully created. Therefore we must fearfully and wonderfully create."

Create, To Know You are Valued.

We all remember that moment we came home with that project in grade school that we were proud of. That craft that a teacher made us make to show how much we love our mom, dad or our grandparents. When we create for others we really are giving them value, because we are saying that they are worth our time and our efforts to create.

What if we create for ourselves and challenge ourselves to get our hands and our minds into something? What if like God, who's image we are made in, what if we create for His pleasure?

I don't shy away from my beliefs and I cannot reject the author of my creativity. Knowing I can create and design and develop art in the form of Photo, Video, Drawing, sculpture, has helped me make it through the hardest parts of my life.

Not because I have seen how much I have improved or how proud I am of the speed at which I can do it, but because it reminds me that I am made in His image because I can create.

Creating connects me to Jesus, and that is where our true value will always be, knowing that God came down to create a new way for us to be with Him through His son.

I Challenge you to create!

If you make the time to create and to passionately pour your efforts into something artistic, whether that be writing, music, drawing, photography, I challenge you to create, no matter what.

If you know Jesus, you are not bound to the limits of this world, you are bound to the righteous truth that you are loved and you are valued, and that is the greatest gift of all, to be valued by our creator. Get out there and create!

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